The Artist

My name is Samantha Gutierrez and I am the heart and hands behind Light Flora. A native of the mountains of Colombia, I have always been inspired by and devoted to the beauty of Earth. From fairy homes to plant mandalas, I have been creating with elements of the Earth ever since I was a child, and I strive to keep this magic alive in my everyday life.

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York~ I have spent years perfecting the art of flower pressing and plant preservation, and I have fine-tuned my creative process to ensure the highest quality. Each work of art is a meditative practice for me-- infused with love and joy. You can feel this shine through in my pieces, and they are sure to bring positivity to your home.

Creative Process

It all begins with time in nature. I sustainably, honorably, and responsibly collect leaves, flowers, seeds, insect wings found on the ground, feathers, and any other treasures that appear before me. I bring them home and press the plants in a homemade flower press, where they are pressed and preserved over the course of several weeks. Often times I obtain my plants from my garden, old bouquets, gifts from loved ones, or extra clippings donated to me by flower shops. 

Once the plants are pressed and preserved, I sit with the materials in devotion, find silence and prayer, and create whatever visions come to me in the form of geometric patterns and shapes on glass, canvas, wood, vintage picture frames, burlap, and various other mediums. My art is my spiritual practice, suffused with love and magic!

All pieces are glued using non-acidic clear adhesives, and I apply a sealant over them to help protect the plants from dust and sunlight. This helps to preserve their beautiful vibrant colors. 

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