Height: 10 Inches; Width: 10 Inches


Flower mandala made entirely of flowers and crystals on white canvas. One of a kind! 10in x 10in. All materials on this piece are :
- Ethically sourced
- Hand-picked and preserved
- Sealed to protect against weathering, aging, and color fade.

This piece came to me in kaleidoscopic visions during ceremony. It is infused with the potent magick that weaves our dreams together~ The thread that fuses our rich inner world with our waking life. May it bless your homes with dreamy wonder and creative freedom!

Each element of this piece is hand-collected and pressed/preserved by me. This piece contains alstroemeria flowers and clear quartz crystals on white canvas.

-Not for outdoor placement, keep indoors to avoid water damage.-

~Each piece that I make is created in an intentional, devotional space. I sit with the plants and create whatever my inner vision directs me to. This is my sacred practice, and it is suffused with magic and love!~

Angel of Dreams

$60.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • -Not for outdoor placement, keep indoors to avoid water damage.-

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