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Hand stained and painted wooden box with double-paned glass panel. One of a kind! 8in. x 6 in. x 2.5in. All materials on this piece are :
- Ethically sourced
- Hand-picked and preserved
- Sealed to protect against weathering, aging, and color fade.

~*~*~Moonlight Treasure Box~*~*~

This piece is a magical one, created straight from the heart. The wooden box was sanded, polished, and painted/stained by me! In the center is double-paned glass with butterfly wings, goldleaf, and flowers between the two panes. The outer edges of the box have oak tree twigs from my home and mica crystals that I hand collected on my hikes through the Blue Ridge Mountains. This box is glowing with magic and energy, and is perfect for storing your treasures ::: crystals, cards, jewelry, offerings, love letters, notes for the little faery creatures that live in the sunbeams the shine into your room at sunset... Anything that your heart desires

Each element of this piece is hand-collected and pressed/preserved by me. This piece contains sunflower petals, hydrangea, pansy, angel's breath, goldleaf, butterfly wings, mica crystals, and oak tree twigs. 


This butterfly was purchased from a sustainable butterfly sanctuary. This beautiful creature was collected after passing away naturally, and is now honored and cherished forever.

Please read the Care Instruction section for more info! 

~Each piece that I make is created in an intentional, devotional space. I sit with the plants and create whatever my inner vision directs me to. This is my sacred practice, and it is suffused with magic and love!~

Moonlight Treasure Box

  • -Not for outdoor placement, keep indoors to avoid water damage.-

    Best to keep away from direct sunlight, as the plants will fade over time if placed in a window! The fading of plants is natural and does not take away from their beauty, but rather reminds us of the constant change in life. If you are okay with this, then a window is fine. But keep in mind--the colors will stay forever if kept away from direct strong light.

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